Torqd examines the tools and concepts that developers use on the job. We talk web frameworks, career choices, community events, industry news, and anything else that keeps the engine running.

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    027 - VueConfUS 2019 - Tampa, Florida

    On March 25-27, 2019, we will be travelling to Tampa, Florida for VueConf US! During today’s episode, we’re going to talk about this year’s schedule, last year’s conference in New Orleans, and all the fun things we’ll be doing on our trip!

    Our guest speakers for this episode are Brian Hogg and first-time guest Natalie Mastracci! They’ll be talking about some of the things they’re looking forward to as first time VueConf attendees, and lots of other interesting things! Join us as we chat about fun facts and activities to do while we’re in the area.

    Vehikl will have a booth at the conference, so if you plan to attend VueConf US this year stop by and see us in the Florida sunshine!

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    026 - Vehikl: Under The Hood (pt. 2)

    Today we're discussing what's going on at the London Vehikl office! The London team has recently moved into a new building. The building is a beautiful and modern location. Caryn and James work in the London office and join us to tell us what it is like to work there, and what it's like working for Vehikl for general.

    The London location is hiring developers. It is a nine person team and looking to grow. Caryn and James walk us through their on-boarding process and tell us what they look for in a new team member.

    We also discuss the flourishing Dev community in London. Caryn tells us about the local meetups, conferences, and potential partnerships the London office may consider further down the line.

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    025 - Vehikl: Under The Hood (pt. 1)

    Welcome to our first episode of the new year. Today’s episode is the start of a new series we are calling Vehikl: Under the Hood. We sit down with Colin DeCarlo and Brian Hogg and discuss some exciting developments in the London, Hamilton, and Waterloo offices. Vehikl is hiring new talent and we have many growth opportunities.

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    024 - Serverless Architecture

    What does "serverless" really mean, and how do you get started working with it? Why is serverless infrastructure becoming a popular option? Join us as we have first time guest, Jesse Carter, a talented developer here at Vehikl, talk about his vast experience working with serverless architecture.

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    023 - Essentials for Becoming a Software Professional

    We take a look at Uncle Bob’s (Bob Martin) book The Clean Coder and discuss the topic of software professionalism. We have varying degrees of experience that we share with each other and the audience. We walk chapter by chapter through the book and give some general impressions of what we took away from it. We discuss work/life balance, time management, client communication, and many other aspects of the coding lifestyle.

    No matter if you are a beginner or a veteran of the software industry, The Clean Coder is key for personal professionalism.

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    022 - What's React Native All About?

    React Native is a framework that builds applications for both IOS and Android systems. We have some curiosity about React Native and Lucas and Alex join us to tell us about their experience with React and React Native.

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    021 - Helpful Productivity Tools & Practices

    So how do you like to work? Are you a multi-monitor user? Do you prefer the lights on or off? Dan and Margaret sit down with Adam Frank and Brian Hogg and compare preferences, quirks, and techniques when they want to get down to work and have a productive time.

    We discuss strategies and tips we’ve collected over time. We share tools we find work for us and what doesn’t work for us. Productivity is a personal experience and there is no right way to do it. Here at Vehikl we welcome all work styles and try to accommodate our team as much as possible.

    Tune in to learn about some really helpful productivity tools!

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    020 - Laracon US 2018 Preview

    Are you heading to Laracon US 2018 in Chicago? We’ll see you there! Brian Hogg and Justin Buchanan join Dan and Margaret to talk baseball, food, museums, and the conference we’re all excited to check out. Rumour has it, the first 50 people to attend Colin DeCarlo’s “Design Patterns with Laravel” talk will get something special.

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    019 - Open for Extension: Adaptability in Laravel

    Moving to Laravel from an existing application doesn’t have to hurt! Adapting Laravel to fit your team’s needs doesn’t either. Colin DeCarlo and Lucas Gladding join Dan and Margaret to talk strategies and experience in shuffling Laravel components between applications.

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    018 - Gives Everybody The Context: Paired Programming

    What exactly is paired programming? How do you make it work for you and your team? What happens when you make it a mob? Colin DeCarlo and Grant Lovell join Dan and Margaret to talk through getting collaborative with your code.

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    017 - I Think “It Depends”: Clean Architecture (Part 2)

    We’re back with part two of our inaugural Torqd book club; discussing Robert “Uncle Bob” Martin’s “Clean Architecture” with Colin DeCarlo, Brad Brothers, and Lucas Gladding. This time, we’re starting from the beginning of the book, diving into the SOLID acronym, dissecting the principles behind it, and debating when and how to put new lessons from a book into daily practice.

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    016 - Back to the Book: Clean Architecture (Part 1)

    Gather ‘round for the inaugural Torqd book club. For our first entry, we’re looking at “Clean Architecture” by Robert “Uncle Bob” Martin. With guests Colin DeCarlo, Brad Brothers, and Lucas Gladding, we’ll explore some of the larger concepts covered in the book (dependency inversion, plugin architecture, design patterns, tech debt) and hit on a few of our guests’ favourite parts.

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    015 - I Don’t Belong Here: Imposter Syndrome

    What is imposter syndrome? What makes it so tough to get over? Does it hit our industry harder than others? Brian and Daniel join Margaret and Dan to explore their own views on, experiences of, and ways to cope with that “I don’t belong here” feeling.

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    014 - VueConf US Recap

    Adam and Stephen rejoin Margaret and Dan for a short recap of VueConf US 2018 in New Orleans. How much did we learn? What did we eat? Where did we drink? Who got searched for contraband at the airport? Tune in to find out!

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    013 - The Vueture: VueConf US Preview

    Heading to VueConf US in New Orleans this week? So are we! Adam and Stephen join Margaret and Dan to talk food, drinks, and fun in The Big Easy. Stick it out long enough, and we might even talk about the conference.

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    012 - Batteries Included: Vue In Practice

    With VueConf US approaching, we’re looking at our experiences with Vue in production. Returning guest Colin DeCarlo and new-to-the-show guest Brian Hogg sit down with Dan and Margaret for an overVue.

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    011 - The Entirety of Humanity: Web Accessibility

    What is a11y all about? What does this mean from a user’s perspective? How does accessibility weigh-in on your project costs? Join us in this episode as our producer (and front end developer), Stephen Belyea talks about the importance of web accessibility.

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    010 - Don’t Float Things Anymore: CSS Grid

    New to CSS Grid? Heard of Grid but hesitant to ship it in the wild? Margaret and (our brand new co-host) Dan speak with designer Darren Galway about Grid’s new syntax, browser support, and getting it integrated into current projects.

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    009 - What Changed and Why: Code Reviews

    What exactly is code review? Is it more than just telling somebody what’s wrong with their code? Of course it is! Join developers, Colin DeCarlo, Dan Mills, and Justin Buchanan, as they sit in with Margaret to drop comments, request changes, and give approvals.

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    008 - Sane Looking Results: Testing the Front End

    Tired of testing? We aren’t! We’re focusing on what goes into testing the front end. Alex Barry, one of our senior devs, weighs in on the process, differences from back end, and helping you code better.

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    006 - Co-Op Recap

    The time has come for Colin Mills and Justin Buchanan to graduate from their 16-month co-op term at Vehikl. We talk highlights, experiences, and career growth throughout the term.

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    005 - Laracon Recap and Conferences 101

    The dust has settled since our trip to Laracon 2017 in New York City. Join Product Designer Caryn Humphreys, and Developers Jesse O’Brien and Adam Frank to dig into impressions and the Laracon experience.

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    004 - Laracon US 2017 Recap: Day 1

    Day 1 of Laracon US 2017 is a wrap and the after party is well underway. We grabbed a few developer friends for a quick recap of the day’s events.

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    003 - Laravel 5.5

    It’s Laracon week and we’re getting ready for Laravel’s 5.5 release. Developers Jesse O’Brien, Colin DeCarlo, and Dan Soppelsa sit down to chat through features, updates, and tools implemented for the release.

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    002 - Career Progression

    We’re sitting down with Senior Developer Colin DeCarlo, and occasional computer user Daniel Mills, to discuss how they started, where they’ve been, and choices made along the way. Regardless of where your career is at, Colin and Dan have wisdom to spare.

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    001 - React and Vue

    We’re talking our favourite lightweight Javascript framework/libraries: React and Vue. Senior full-stack developers Jesse O’Brien and Dan Soppelsa join our co-hosts, Eric and Margaret, for this debut Torqd chat.

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