Torqd examines the tools and concepts that developers use on the job. We talk web frameworks, career choices, community events, industry news, and anything else that keeps the engine running.

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    014 - VueConf US Recap

    Adam and Stephen rejoin Margaret and Dan for a short recap of VueConf US 2018 in New Orleans. How much did we learn? What did we eat? Where did we drink? Who got searched for contraband at the airport? Tune in to find out!

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    013 - The Vueture: VueConf US Preview

    Heading to VueConf US in New Orleans this week? So are we! Adam and Stephen join Margaret and Dan to talk food, drinks, and fun in The Big Easy. Stick it out long enough, and we might even talk about the conference.

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    012 - Batteries Included: Vue In Practice

    With VueConf US approaching, we’re looking at our experiences with Vue in production. Returning guest Colin DeCarlo and new-to-the-show guest Brian Hogg sit down with Dan and Margaret for an overVue.

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    011 - The Entirety of Humanity: Web Accessibility

    What is a11y all about? What does this mean from a user’s perspective? How does accessibility weigh-in on your project costs? Join us in this episode as our producer (and front end developer), Stephen Belyea talks about the importance of web accessibility.

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    010 - Don’t Float Things Anymore: CSS Grid

    New to CSS Grid? Heard of Grid but hesitant to ship it in the wild? Margaret and (our brand new co-host) Dan speak with designer Darren Galway about Grid’s new syntax, browser support, and getting it integrated into current projects.

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    009 - What Changed and Why: Code Reviews

    What exactly is code review? Is it more than just telling somebody what’s wrong with their code? Of course it is! Join developers, Colin DeCarlo, Dan Mills, and Justin Buchanan, as they sit in with Margaret to drop comments, request changes, and give approvals.

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    008 - Sane Looking Results: Testing the Front End

    Tired of testing? We aren’t! We’re focusing on what goes into testing the front end. Alex Barry, one of our senior devs, weighs in on the process, differences from back end, and helping you code better.

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    006 - Co-Op Recap

    The time has come for Colin Mills and Justin Buchanan to graduate from their 16-month co-op term at Vehikl. We talk highlights, experiences, and career growth throughout the term.

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    005 - Laracon Recap and Conferences 101

    The dust has settled since our trip to Laracon 2017 in New York City. Join Product Designer Caryn Humphreys, and Developers Jesse O’Brien and Adam Frank to dig into impressions and the Laracon experience.

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